the region within



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Joseph M
Joseph M


This song started out as a drum beat and bass line on my sequencer. Its theme is an unvcovering, a return to balance by the universe. We live in a time where dark secrets have been proven the bane of peace loving people and just as nature is always seeking equilibrium, so will the universe in this matter. Those who ironically call themselves illuminated will be exposed to the lightning crack of a sudden thunderous worldwide quest for the true nature of reality. The result will be history.


Illumination they say the wicked things of the world are bound for fire and from the sound the explosion brings to purify us like sudden thunder striking on a cloudless day all things uncovered and tested by illumination they say apocalypse makes it war but that's the liars and in uncovering will reveal the thieves among us sky sudden rumble quivering the cloudless day evil uncovered and tested by illumination