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Andrea Moon

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Joseph M
Joseph M


Andrea Moon is a combination of 2 people: herself and the woman who told me about Andrea Moon. Andrea is someone who above all else is in love with the idea of herself in love and this defines her life but also opens her up to those who can read her vulnerability and take advantage of it. This song was written while I lived in Boston and is based on real events. I've recorded it before but never really got the groove right until now. I used a combination of my Martin acoustic and my Strat through a Fender princeton reverb amp with vibrato turned all the way up.


Andrea Moon is sad by herself she's crying because she's not where she should be Everyone else just seems to harden themselves these days but Andrea's not that way so she says Andrea Moon says she's love and peace but alone in her room she doesn't believe what everyone else who lie to themselves say but Andrea's not that way so she says Andrea Moon takes the train into Cambridge pretending her lover is not what he is she loves him so much he's the perfect crutch and Andrea's lost her way everyone else can see what Andrea won't believe Andrea's lost her way