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Joseph M
Joseph M


I wrote this song after I had spent the evening at a club listening to a somewhat dissapointing band from the UK. Anatoria is symbolic and I'll leave the intepretation to the listener. I'm a real fan of really loud noisy melodic guitars and I tried to achieve that in this song. The repetitive keyboard figure acts as a pedal point througout the song. The verse vocals are routed through a modeling amp effect that gives them kind of a low tech, slightly distorted flavor. The band I disliked made a career out of psuedo punk trite escapism and I guess this song is a reaction to that. Its about transcending the lies rather than escaping temporarily.


because your story was never told it was buried in darkness sealed so you’re destined to come around again to the fabric of lies, pull on the thread Anatoria Will the scales of justice sway? Anatoria I had lost all faith and been wandering since that day I would paint you in dreams with God and remember the days we shared and the visions revealed of the golden age and the book of the answers the missing page you held you will beam the world the page Anatoria when the poles that shift to end this evil age Anatoria I’ll behold your beaming face again Anatoria I will hold your beaming face again